Multi-function Baby Food Processor Smart Infant Milk Warm Baby Food Cooking Blenders

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Color: Light Green, Light Pink (Option)
Power: 220V/50Hz
Heating power: 300W
Mixing power: 120W
Size: Approx. 23x12.8x20cm/ 9.06x5.04x7.87"
Capacity: 190ml
Function: Juicing, stirring, making a milkshake, crushing ice, mixing
Maximum capacity of water tank and Watering cup: 190ml
Use time: 10-15 minutes
Stirring time: Continuous stirring should not exceed 30 seconds, stir again for about 30 seconds and continue to stir!

Package Included:
1x Food Supplement Grinder

Powerful function features steam, agitation, heating, and electronic health.
Save time and energy, it only takes you 15 minutes!
Advanced-precision and quick preparation. Press a button for convenient, quick chopping puree from fruits, nuts, vegetables. The-pulse is ground every 5 seconds. In 3 rounds, you will have a delicious soup.
Convenient for use. It's no noise, simple, cooking, and storing food in one hand.
Easy to store and clean. All parts can be washed in the dishwasher.

Safe and food-grade high-quality materials, shatterproof design help you create health and peace of mind to feed your baby.

Mainly used for steaming and stirring fresh baby food or the elderly
Let us steam and cook baby food ourselves
It is also possible to thaw and heat frozen foods for added convenience
When cooking complementary food, steam food before mixing

Safe and healthy
Made from durable food PP. BPA free, phthalate free, baby lead free, dishwasher safe
Steam cooking of babies, vitamins, nutrients and minerals

Simple and effective
One-touch control, one-handed operation, saving baby time and energy for mom/daddy preparing baby food